Feature MCIA Premises
Hearing Rooms Purpose built arbitration hearing rooms and breakout rooms
Wifi Free dedicated high speed Wi-Fi
Tea/Coffee Two rounds of complimentary tea/coffee and biscuits
Privacy Sound proof rooms
Used for dispute resolution only
Security Each room can only be accessed by an assigned key card, and can be accessed 24 hours if required
Networking Every room has network access to the Biz Hub and can be used remotely.
Secure dedicated Wi-Fi network
Biz Centre Costs Printing
   (i) Black and White Rs. 10/page
   (ii) Colour Rs. 50/page
Photo copying Rs. 10/page
Scanning Rs. 5/page
Shredding – Free
Transcription Real time transcription services available from international service providers
Audio/Video conferencing Integrated audio video capabilities in every room – Rs. 7,500/hour
Food MCIA working lunch
Lunch arranged by the MCIA at Trident/Oberoi
Special requests accepted.
Arbitrator’s lounge A complimentary, dedicated retiring room only for arbitrators